Friday, April 3, 2015

Speak Kindly, Think Positively, Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On

When I think back about how I felt nearly 3 years ago, I get emotional.  I was tired all the time (tired doesn't even BEGIN to describe the fatigue I endured).  I got sick a lot.  None of my clothes fit.  I was uncomfortable.  I was not "fat and happy." I was overweight and miserable.  

Every day I have to make a conscious choice to move my body, choose foods that give my body the nutrition and fuel it needs and be kind to my mind.  

I did a hard workout on Wednesday with my trainer (even trainers have trainers), and I was beating myself up for not being as "in-shape" as I thought I "should" be.  And then I had a flashback to 3 years ago and remembering not being able to get into my 4x4 Jeep because I couldn't lift my bodyweight into the vehicle.  I then smiled because I just did 25 minutes of 40/20 HIIT Training (circuit intervals with weights), something I never would have been able to do 3 years ago.  I also looked in the mirror and reminded myself that I just ran a 15k 3 weeks ago.  My body can do amazing things.

My point to all of this is you have to be kind to yourself.  Don't compare your progress to anyone else's.  There will be days you don't feel worthy. Just remember your WHY.  WHY are you getting healthier?  WHY are you exercising?  WHY are you choosing more nutritious foods?  Whatever your reasons, just take a minute, inhale, exhale and speak kindly to your body and your mind.  

This is a tough journey. Probably the hardest thing I've ever done, and maybe that you'll ever do.  But it is worth it.  I believe in each and every one of you.  Believe in yourself.  

How can I help you reach your goals?

Yours in health,
Coach Steph xoxo

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