Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Leave Kim Kardashian Alone!

Did I get your attention?  Let me clarify: I'm not a Kim K. fan.  However, I do think she is a beautiful and intelligent woman.  Building an empire on no talent?  That takes a brain!  But, I digress.  That's not the point of this post.

Leave Kim Kardashian alone!

Why, you ask?  She had a baby four days ago;  a beautiful boy named Saint West (I'm embarrassed I know that). After FOUR days, the media is already circling like sharks after blood in the water: WHEN WILL SHE LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT?


Photo of Kim from her Instagram account on the day she gave birth.

In case you didn't know, she should be focused on bonding with her baby, nursing, sleeping (haha), snuggling and just enjoying her little miracle (all babies are blessings).  Yet, the media is salivating over the photos of her post-pregnancy figure and speculating when (or if) she'll be able to slim down.  They are comparing this pregnancy to her last one; commenting on how much weight she gained with baby Saint as compared to baby North.  

Are you kidding me????

According to the March of Dimes, the leading authority on maternal and infant health, new moms should focus on healthy eating and adequate sleep postpartum.  They also recommend to follow the advice of your physician before beginning an exercise program.  Additionally, if you're breastfeeding, your nutrition is twice as important.  Now, I don't know Kim K's plans on breastfeeding, but right now, just like every other new mom, she should  be focused on self care and baby bonding, not throwing herself into extreme dieting and frantic exercise.

Quoted directly from the March of Dimes website:
Many of today's Hollywood moms get back to their original figure in record time. When you see how great they look, you may feel pressure to drop the baby weight quickly. But it's not a race to the skinny jeans. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle, and the rest will fall into place.
Exactly my thoughts! Listen up ladies, I'm going to get real specific here:

A healthy of lifestyle of balance is your best strategy for long term weight management. Additionally, it's not all about the scale.  Your body fat percentage, how you feel, measurements, blood pressure, resting heart rate and blood sugar are all great ways to measure progress with any program, whether your goal is to lose or gain (muscle, fat, strength).

You heard it straight from a certified personal trainer with a long roster of healthy and happy clients: focus on balance and everything will take care of itself.  

Additionally, loving your post-baby body, no matter how it looks, is very important.  It's going to look and feel different.  But, you carried life and that is a miracle.  Rejoice! Thank God for your baby.  Don't dwell on the superficial.  Just focus on taking care of that baby and yourself.  As a woman who has struggled with fertility, I would trade all my workouts, runs and deadlift sessions to hold a healthy baby in my arms.  Embrace your body.  Love yourself.  Don't stress out over the pounds and don't shame or pass judgement on other women.  We need to lift one another up and encourage each other.  Be kind, and you can start by telling the haters and nosy reporters to LEAVE KIM KARDASHIAN ALONE!

Yours in health,
Coach Steph

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  1. That's So true! Women put themselves undernourished much pressure to loose the baby weight quickly. Just enjoy your newborn.